Before the Hudson Square Connection was founded, the art-deco loft buildings that lined our streets were on the verge of becoming the City’s new creative center. But, even as tenants were moving in, the area didn’t feel like a neighborhood.

We began with a vision: put the community first. This meant transforming our streets to prioritize the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and local traffic, and making Hudson Square a place where people feel safe, comfortable, and healthy.

To that end, we created our $27 million neighborhood improvement plan, Hudson Square Is Now, our award-winning public-private partnership for a new, green, pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

Hudson Square is a place for people

When the Connection opened in 2009, Hudson Square was a neighborhood physically and psychologically dominated by the Holland Tunnel. One of our main objectives was to change both the perception and reality by creating a safe and pleasant pedestrian environment.

Pedestrian Traffic Managers

We hired Pedestrian Traffic Managers (PTMs) to make sure Hudson Square is a safe place for the people who work, live, and visit the neighborhood – not just for the cars passing through on their way to New Jersey.

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The Public Realm

When Hudson Square was a Printing District there were some 12,000 people working here; today there are more than 40,000.

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Hudson Square is greener

Before the Connection opened its doors, Hudson Square looked like the industrial neighborhood it once was, not a place where people come to create, imagine, and innovate. The streets were under-lit, the few trees that existed were neglected, and there was virtually no open space. We embarked on a mission to re-imagine what our streets could be – and it has already yielded results.

Hudson Square Standard

Since the fall of 2013, the Connection has planted and retrofitted 250 trees throughout Hudson Square with our unique design, the Hudson Square Standard (HSS).

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Spring Street Park

The open space on Spring Street and Sixth Avenue, formerly known as Soho Square, has remained untouched since it was built in the 1970s.

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Open Spaces

Open spaces are a vital resource. Yet, who would have thought you could find an oasis next to the Holland Tunnel? We did.

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Neighborhood Services

In 2015 we began a maintenance program and hired Atlantic Maintenance as part of our commitment to maintaining the improvements we install.

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Hudson Square is coming together

The Hudson Square Connection serves as a resource for local businesses and the community. Whether it’s helping retailers during a water main break, informing property owners about a film shoot in front of their building, or providing businesses with links to City resources that can benefit their company. we’re the go-to source for all things Hudson Square.

Neighborhood Connections

In a creative neighborhood like Hudson Square, innovation thrives on sharing ideas. We have spent the last seven years building relationships and connecting businesses with the BID and with each other.

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Social Media

We use our social media channels to connect with the community and provide more frequent information about what’s going on in the neighborhood.

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