The Hudson Square Connection uses social media as a way of creating community among the 50,000+ people that work here every day. We use each of our different platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) in different ways. On Instagram, our journalistic approach showcases the creative people and companies that are thriving in Hudson Square. Twitter is the place to go to learn more about the up-to-the-moment updates such as events, discounts and sales at our retailers, and immediate issues that affect the area such as traffic or transit disruptions. Facebook houses photo albums from previous HSC events. Finally, we use LinkedIn to communicate BID-related information and more formal notices about the HSC.


We love to connect with the workforce and local retailers to showcase the exciting things that are happening in Hudson Square!




  • #HSQeats: We share meal options available in the neighborhood.
  • #HofHSQ: It’s our version of #HofNY, but for the neighborhood and about their careers.
  • #InsideOut: We share the creative spaces from upper level tenants in the neighborhood.
  • #DogsOfHSQ: Photos of the cutest office pets can be found here.